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From DTA Global (Founded 1996): Outdoor Movie Equipment Manufacturing and Sales

Outdoor Movie Screens

Stretch your budget without risking your reputation. AEROPRO® Eco provides advantages no other movie screen can match for the money. Impressive and durable. Demand these must-have features:
Sets up in minutes

Sets up in minutes

One person can unfold, anchor and inflate any AEROPRO Eco 16′, 20′ or 24′ portable movie screen in 20 minutes.

Triple-sewn anchors and seams

Triple-Sewn Anchors and Seams

Broken seams and torn off anchor rings are the heartbreak of owning a poorly produced movie screen. Buyer beware!  

Removable screen fastened with velcro hooks and loops

Removable Screen Surface

Washable projection screen comes off for cleaning. Reattach quickly to sturdy Velcro.  No zippers used – they clog with dirt, bend and often break.

Quick deflate vent

Quick-Deflate Vent

Trapped air will never slow you down when the show is over and it’s time to go home. Velcro sturdy closure, with no leaky zippers that can jam or break!

8-Tether Anchor System

Eight-Tether Anchor System

Rigid, stable and safe in wind to 20 mph. Impressively lightweight and super-easy to set up. 

Elevated ground clearance

Elevated Ground Clearance

Maximize audience line of sight and minimize shadows from people between projector and screen.

High pressure blower

Continuous Pressure

AEROPRO Eco stays inflated even with small leaks from accidental punctures or tears, unlike sealed frames. The full-time blower keeps AEROPRO Eco straight and square.

Made in the USA

Made in America

Assembled, sold and supported from our USA headquarters. Repairs (if ever needed) at our HQ too. None of the above for movie screens from China and beyond.

Front and rear projection

Front and Rear Projection

Place your projector on either side of the resilient high-contrast AEROPRO Eco screen surface.

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