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Anchors Away? No Way.

Sailboat and Screen

When is an inflatable movie screen like a sailboat?

With its large fabric surface area, portable movie screens efficiently convert the softest breeze into motion. For a sailboat, forward motion is great. For portable movie screens, motion in any direction is an unbearable distraction to movie audiences.

By definition, free-standing movie screens are set in place free of anchors — a misleading selling point promising to save a few minutes of set up time but, in truth, a hidden risk understating the critical importance of anchoring every movie screen to prevent it from swaying or sailing away.

8-Tether Anchor System

The 8-tether anchor system engineered for AEROPRO Eco inflatable movie screens solves a serious shortcoming of Free-Standing Inflatable Movie Screens: the slightest breeze makes them swing, sway or sail away.

Movie screening professionals are quick to recognize reality versus fiction. Calling a movie screen “free standing” by omitting anchor components, or by hiding them in product photographs, is dishonest and potentially dangerous. Real world experience proves the laws of nature apply equally to sailboats and screens. When a breeze blows, AEROPRO Eco will show motion pictures to your audience … not a moving screen.

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