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Outdoor Movies How-To Guides

Movies on the Green


How-To Guides > Guide #1: Introduction Entrepreneurs and organizations are joining the outdoor entertainment trend which keeps growing and expanding. A select group is focused on outdoor movie screening capabilities, and we are here to help! In these how-to guides, AEROPRO Eco shares the knowledge and success of outdoor movie technicians from parks,

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Where To Begin

How-To Guides > Guide #2:  Where To Begin Professional Standards Outdoor movie audiences, organization stakeholders, event sponsors and anyone paying to hire a movie screening service are quick to judge technical quality and operational practices.  With that in mind, here are four elements which define professional movie entertainment: A flat,

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AEROPRO Eco outdoor movie screen


How-To Guides > Guide #3: Outdoor Movie Fundamentals Willing and Able Screening outdoor movies takes confidence (and patience) to learn audio/video equipment costs and capabilities, setup, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs. Just as important is understanding the ins and outs of: Electrical circuits, power generators and cabling Public event safety

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Equipment Essentials: Outdoor Movie Screens

Essentials: Movie Screen Frames

How-To Guides > Guide #4: Movie Screen Frames Inflatable Movie Screens From 10’ to 100’ wide, inflatable screens are workhorses of the outdoor movie industry. By size, the greatest number of units in use are 12′ to 40′ wide. Screens with projection surfaces up to 24’ wide can be quickly

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Movie projection surface

Essentials: Projection Surfaces

How-To Guides > Guide #5: Outdoor Projection Surfaces In The Dark Without Data Indoor movie theaters offer moviegoers an extraordinary viewing experience. Movie studio standards are high, and every feature that makes a movie house magical cannot be moved outdoors. Thankfully, top-quality projection surfaces are available for outdoor movies.  Across

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Digital projection

Essentials: Digital Projectors

How-To Guides > Guide #6: Digital Projectors Projector Brightness, A Simple Formula More than any other component, movie projectors present the greatest number of variables to comprehend and control. A good place to begin is understanding how bright a projected image appears to an audience. Lumens (lm) are the standard

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