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NO Zippers! Avoid the Agony.

Why are zippers never used on AEROPRO Eco inflatable outdoor movies screens?

On first thought, zippers are familiar and seem convenient. Pants have zippers, winter coats have zippers, and they’re certainly better than snaps or buckles. All are true.

Now imagine your coat or pants can only be zipped on or off when you’re laying down on a grassy field, patch of dirt, parking lot and sometimes before, during or after a rain day. Under those conditions, the probability of zipper failure soars over time.

A jammed zipper or broken zipper tooth can ruin your day, cause the cancellation of movie events, and damage a movie screen in ways that require major repairs.

No zippers! AEROPRO Eco front/rear projection surfaces are attached by Velcro, allowing the washable surface to be removed and attached with confidence time and time again. Deflation vents, a critical component for keeping AEROPRO Eco movie screens pressurized and square, are held tightly closed by Velcro seals.

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